Mojoco: Innovation-Led Business Solutions

The Mojoco Story

Mojoco was founded in 2013 by Jill Ellul and Maresa Rowan.

Jill and Maresa worked together in Global & European positions for a top Biopharma company. While they loved their jobs, the company, the amazing people and the travel, they really wanted to focus on & spread the passion they held for innovation & leadership development. On one long-haul flight across the Atlantic, Jill & Maresa started to kick around the idea of setting up their own business. What began as a seed of an idea soon blossomed into Mojoco Ltd. 

Sarah Ellul later joined the company in 2014, and now runs Mojoco alongside Jill. 

Why the name Mojoco?

Mojo is a noun that means a quality or the ability to help you be good at something. Originally from the US and associated with the music and dance culture, it has also taken on an additional meaning of personal confidence and charisma. As in the song "Got My Mojo Working"

Jill and Maresa felt that they not only had found their own Mojo but wanted to spread that Mojo to other companies.