Mojoco: Innovation-Led Business Solutions

Organisational Development

To effectively drive change and support organizational development, it is key to recognize that the 'change' itself does not need to be managed as much as do the people involved with it. People are the real drivers of change, and each of us react differently to it - some see it as an exciting opportunity, while others will try to avoid it at all costs - this is basic human behaviour.

While change is constant and inevitable, it is critical to successfully manage, lead and develop people through change, accepting the different dynamics and attitudes to it. Successful and dynamic organizations are those who strive to 'live' change versus those that simply react to it.

Mojoco partners come with vast experience of developing capability and driving organizational transformation. They are experienced and skilled Innovation Practitioners, equipped to help your people develop and your business grow.

Here are some of the ways Mojoco clients seek our support:

  • driving matrix ways of working
  • embedding culture change
  • enhancing leadership skills to help top teams lead innovation thinking and transformation
  • developing teamworking and collaboration skills
  • guiding customer insight capability development
  • inspiring innovation and creativity and much much more.

Leadership Training

We recently ran a 2 day 'Leading for Transformation' workshop with a Senior Leadership team in a Swiss Pharmaceutical company. One participant said, "This course has really helped me rethink who I am as a 'new type of leader'. It provided me with great stimulus and practical tools to help me transform and lead the organization transformation in new ways."

Champions of Change

The 'Champions of Change' workshop was delivered with a cross-functional team in Turkey, providing the group with a bespoke training programme in innovation and collaboration

"I would like to thank you very much for this 3 day training - it was amazing to really understand the need to develop an innovation mindset. You are awesome - and the best trainer that I have ever seen".

"Thanks for your enthusiasm and making it a very fun and informative learning environment".