Mojoco: Innovation-Led Business Solutions

Personal & Leadership Development Programmes

The pharmaceutical industry needs leaders who bring new perspectives, new thinking, and new ideas – and who have the skills and knowledge to manage in an uncertain world.

Our Leadership Development courses can be designed for all levels of leadership. We regularly work with everything from C suite leaders to new managers in the business. Each development programme is aimed at upskilling specific capabilities in an inspiring, engaging and practical manner. Some examples of our more novel Leadership work include:


We worked with one company to design a programme aimed at developing storytelling skills for Senior Leaders. This covered everything from ‘executive presence’ to learning a technique applied by TEDster’s to develop a compelling narrative that acts to engage and inspire the audience. We went on to successfully trained over 300 employees in 5 countries.

Innovation for Leaders

We regularly deliver a series of workshops that enable leaders to create the right environment and culture to foster innovative thinking. The course was developed in response to an emerging need; namely how to upskill leaders in learning how to effectively lead for innovation without the requirement to become so called ‘expert’. Essentially it helps provide the link between the organisational innovation intent and practical ways of working day to day. Thus, enabling leaders to contextualise these and learn how to lead for the required behaviours and impact.

Meetings Matter

In response to a specific customer need we developed a course for leaders and managers in how to plan, prepare and facilitate better meetings. The result was a transformed culture where meeting time was cut while effectiveness increased! The practical skills and techniques we trained enabled this organisation to develop a culture and language that embeds ‘smart meeting’ practices across the business.