Mojoco: Innovation-Led Business Solutions

Innovation Capability Development

Pharma companies are having to complete against companies and industries never previously viewed as competitors. Developing an innovation capability is a strategic weapon that some of the new healthcare disruptors are finding as a way to exploit. Innovation is vital organisational skill required to adapt and prepare for the future.

The healthcare environment is changing at an amazing pace and hence so is your business. Innovation is vital to adapt to these changes because it helps us find better ways to create solutions. It is a critical component of the organisational skill set.

Mojoco associates come with vast experience of developing innovation capability and driving organizational transformation. They are experienced and skilled Innovation Practitioners, equipped to help your people develop the innovation skills to help your business grow. Using our own proven innovation methodology, we work with a variety of clients to help them transform their thinking and unlock new opportunities that innovation promises.

Some examples of our Innovation capability development work include:

Innovation 101

In partnership with one client we designed and developed a 2-day workshop to introduce a methodology that can be applied to help solve specific internal challenges. This client required a blend of Design thin king, lean six sigma and project management skills.

Innovation culture

A large portion of our work is focused on helping clients develop an internal culture of innovation. Our services range from helping them define the innovation ambition and strategy to working with them to develop a road map for implementation.

Innovation coaching & mentoring

We partner long term with a number of clients providing a range of services from coaching established internal innovation experts to consulting on specific tricky Brand challenges and running innovation health check surveys.